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      • 4869 McGrath Street, #130 Ventura, CA 93003
      • (888) 254-7797
      • info@www.hydkw.cn

      Deep Drawing

      At Quick Draw & Machining, we provide deep drawing services to create small and large components made from a wide range of materials.


      Deep drawing is a stamping process in which flat material is formed into a 3D shape through the use of a die press. ??We work with aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, and nickel alloys, among others, to create a variety of hollow 3D shapes for the aerospace, medical, defense, OEM, and automotive industries. Depending on the material, part geometry, and the depth of the draw, this may have to be done in progressive steps to prevent fracturing of the material.? An in-depth understanding of materials, industry experience, and extensive metal working knowledge are all imperative to the ability to develop a deep drawing process that produces premium quality parts at the lowest possible price.

      This chart is an example of our average size range.

      Material Thickness Max .187”
      Length Max 60”
      Depth Dependent on shape
      Tolerance (+/-) .002” in.
      Additional Services Provided Chem-Film, Anodizing, & other anti-corrosion coatings
      Machining of finished parts to meet tighter tolerances
      Painting, Powder Coating
      Part Marking
      Penetrant Inspection
      Production Volume 50 piece minimum
      Maximum run variant on schedule and capacity
      Specialty Production Shop
      Low Volume
      High Volume
      Typical Lead Time 4-12 Weeks, Dependent on complexity of project
      Industry Focus Aerospace
      Industry Standards ISO 9001:2008 Certified
      International Organization for Standardization
      Mil-Std 45208 Compliant
      Military Specification9100 Compliant
      Aerospace certification in process