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      • 4869 McGrath Street, #130 Ventura, CA 93003
      • (888) 254-7797
      • info@www.hydkw.cn


      At Quick Draw & Machining, in addition to standard stamping and deep drawing, we offer hydroforming. This provides customers with a comprehensive selection of metal forming options.? Hydroforming is a unique process wherein a metal blank is formed using a pressurized bladder that forces the flat sheet into a die that is machined to be the negative of the part shape.? Since the pressures forming the part are completely uniform, stresses are evenly distributed resulting in much lower maximum stresses.

      This even distribution of pressure also results in very uniform wall thickness, has an outstanding surface finish, reduces tooling costs – all while holding close tolerances.? Tolerances as tight as .002” can be held as needed to produce precision parts for customers in the aerospace, medical, scientific, defense, and automotive industries.

      All shapes and materials form differently; our capabilities have an undefinable range with engineering knowledge.

      This chart is an example of our average size range.

      Material Thickness Max .187”
      Length Max 60”
      Depth Dependent on shape
      Tolerance (+/-) .002” in.
      Additional Services Provided Chem-Film, Anodizing, & other anti-corrosion coatings
      Machining of finished parts to meet tighter tolerances
      Painting, Powder Coating
      Part Marking
      Penetrant Inspection
      Production Volume 50 piece minimum
      Maximum run variant on schedule and capacity
      Specialty Production Shop
      Low Volume
      High Volume
      Typical Lead Time 4-12 Weeks, Dependent on complexity of project


      Industry Focus Aerospace
      Industry Standards ISO 9001:2008 Certified
      International Organization for Standardization
      Mil-Std 45208 Compliant
      Military Specification9100 Compliant
      Aerospace certification in process